About Us

Why Leaves?

Leafii was born out of a desire to share goods that are unique, beautiful and in harmony with nature. Taking something abundant, natural and highly regenerative and repurposing them into something useful without hiding what they are but rather, showcasing their patterns and natural variations. We promote the reduction of environmental destruction and unnecessary animal suffering by offering items that are sustainably produced and free of animal products. Our items reflect the very nature we are trying to preserve. Using leaves is a statement about our shared values, our commitment to reduce harm and live more conscious and considerate lives.

Ro is a plant-based traveler who is passionate about animals, sustainability, minimalism, innovation and social enterprise. He moved to Australia in 2016 to work, travel and use it as a base for exploring the region. He later went on to work as an English and science teacher at a government high school in northern Thailand before returning home to Toronto to start Leafii. He works with a small Thai artisan community to design and produce quality leaf leather goods and develop new eco-innovations

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