Q: How long does it last?

-product wear very much depends on each owner's use and care habits but we think they hold up as good-- if not better-- as animal leather goods

Q: Are there any special care instructions?

- The material does not need to be conditioned or treated like other leather products. Simply wipe the material with a damp cloth (and a mild soap if needed) and you're good to go.

Q: What do you put on it to make it so durable?

- the leaves are coated with a layer of BOPP film that makes them extremely strong.

Q:What kind of leaves do you use? Can you use other leaves?

- This technology was developed in Thailand using the large, strong and abundant teak leaf. More testing needs to be done to see whether other leaves can be used.

Q: Where are the leaves from?

- Northern Thailand

Q: Is it sustainable?

- Absolutely. We try to be minimally invasive and take leaves that have already fallen off the trees. There may also be some light, low level clipping but we do not cut the trees. The beautiful thing is that leaves are easily regenerated.

Q: Wow, this material is amazing. Can you make clothing out of it?

- Not yet. Hopefully someday soon. Leaf leather shoes and jackets need to be a thing!

Q: Does it soften up over time like real leather?

- It sure does!